For as long as I’ve covered the watch beat, there have been companies putting forward timepieces made from new materials. It’s easy to look askance at some of the watches that fall into this “new materials” category. After a while, you start to wonder whether material A, B, or C is a gimmick borrowed from synergistic industry X, Y, or Z; whether said material will have any staying power in the watch landscape; and whether it will live up to the lofty claims that are made about it. For several years now, in a pretty low-key way, Panerai has been pushing the category of materials science in its watches, utilizing new substances with the potential to make its timepieces more robust and lighter, a not insignificant mission for a company steeped in making oversized tool watches that often reach 47mm. I think the work that Panerai has recently done in this area is commendable. The watch that we have the pleasure of going hands on with today features two relatively new materials in the company’s arsenal: BMG-Tech for the case and Carbotech for the bezel.