The bracelet, like the case, is coated in a zirconium oxide powder, which after a series of finishing processes, offers a particularly uniform matte appearance with an incredibly hard finishing – five times stronger than steel.  Each link to the bracelet is asymmetrical (as seen below) and has a curved surface area to make for a softer feel on the wrist and to the touch. 

The buckle of the Tuttonero is PVD coated on the outside, but on this sample piece, the actual clasp wasn’t coated.  We hope in the production pieces they decide to coat the entire clasp, otherwise we think it may lose some of its “completely blacked out” cool.  We should note that all press images do show a fully blackened clasp.

The Panerai Tuttonero will sell for $16,300 when available in the coming months, and knowing how fanatical the Paneristi can be for watches with interesting uses of new materials, this one will sell very quickly.