The power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock spans 280º to accommodate the 14-day cycle. Each day is bisected to offer a more accurate indication of remaining power reserve.

Opposite the power reserve indicator sits the tourbillon, which features an integrated seconds hand. A minutes track is applied around the dial circumference, intersected by 18k pink-gold hour markers.

And if you look at the dial carefully, you’ll notice an interesting design choice: all of the dial elements – the tracks for minutes, hours, the power reserve indicator, and tourbillon – are offset toward the top of the case. I didn’t appreciate this until looking at the photos after our visit, but it’s a subtle and rather elegant way to balance the proportion of the dial within the case. By increasing negative space at the 6 o’clock, it also de-emphasizes the chin of the tourbillon aperture as it intersects the minute track.