VC’s Les Cabinotiers department isn’t quite like anything else you’ll find in the modern watch landscape. They do take customer orders directly from clients, but they also serve as a sort of in-house incubator for creative, ambitious projects. There’s a lot of diversity amongst the 20 watches gathered together for this expo, including those that show off VC’s métiers d’art  skills such as enameling and gem-setting and those that are more focused on highly technical watchmaking, including tourbillons, repeaters, and calendars of various kinds. The watches will be on display in the respective Vacheron Constantin boutiques, but if you want to get a close-up look they suggest you contact the relevant boutique to set up a private appointment.

This is the only time Vacheron is planning on bringing these watches to the United States, so if you want to breathe in some rarified horological air (or buy one of these pieces for yourself, if you’re so inclined), this will most likely be your only shot.