Back in April, Vacheron Constantin celebrated Madison Avenue Watch Week by hosting three breakfasts for clients and friends of the brand.  The first of the three was a personal look into the idea of collecting watches hosted by the great Jack Forster of Revolution Magazine along with noted collector Andrew Jacoobs.  The second was a look at vintage watches with Forbes’ Richard Nalley and our own John Reardon (who happens to moonlight as a VP at Sotheby’s). 

The final breakfast was slightly different. Instead of talking to someone whose life, personal or professional, revolves around timepieces, we spoke to a man whose life revolves around something else entirely, cooking.  Chef Eric Ripert is the co-owner and executive chef at one of the world’s finest restaurants, Le Bernardin.  He is also a friend and collector of Vacheron.  Our own executive editor Ben Clymer sat down with Chef Ripert to chat about how watchmaking and cooking relate.  Enjoy!