We are one of very few brands able to say that 100 percent of our watches have a Zenith movement. So when you buy us, you buy authenticity, you buy something true. So all of these elements together can only let me have the strong belief that we are gaining market share at the moment.

And to give you a little insight: Whether it’s the Swiss Watch Federation or the Vontobel report, they all basically believe that the average drop last year for watch brands was around 20 to 25 percent, depending on the brand. And that the recovery in 2021 will be around 18 percent, but to recover to the level of 2019 would require two more years. Basically you would get there by 2022, maybe 2023.

My ambition, that I shared with my team, was to reach the level of 2019 this year, hopefully by single digits. After three months, and the huge success we’ve had, I can tell you, we are more than 20 percent above 2019, which was a record year. So when you have an industry trend, and when you are already so much higher, it can only mean you are gaining market share.