For anyone who prefers their go-to travel watch to be as user-friendly and hassle-free as possible, it’s hard to argue with a high accuracy quartz movement that supports local jumping hour (where the main hour hand can be set independently of the rest of the hands and without stopping the timekeeping of the watch). Additionally, the sizing seems perfect and the dial design is clear of extraneous text, features more lume than is found on most Grand Seikos (hands and markers!), and the date display is nicely balanced and very legible. What does stand out about the SBGN design, especially for those that know their GMT watches, is the new 24-hour bezel. While most past Grand Seiko GMTs used sterile bezels, these new models have a fixed 24-hour bezel that looks essentially identical to that on a 16570 or 216570 Rolex Explorer II. This similarity is only enhanced on the SBGN003, which has the same black/red color scheme found on the last generation 16570 Explorer II.