The Carysfort Reef may seem an odd choice for a limited edition Swiss dive watch to pay tribute: a rather obscure patch of coral off the southern U.S. coast. Most big brands go for more dramatic venues—the Galapagos, for example. But Oris, to me, has always represented a more “human scale” watch company, with its accessible prices, sensible complications, and workmanlike movements. Also on a very human scale is the work being done by the Coral Restoration Foundation, one coral stalk at a time, planted by hand. The Carysfort Reef is a microcosm of the global ocean environment, right there south of the Overseas Highway, a place you can see while snorkeling. The shallow waters are warm and clear, but also vulnerable to the runoff from one of America’s most populous states and bleaching of its shallow corals, and the results of both are clearly visible through a dive mask.