While I was able to try on the 40mm Sixty-Five Bronze Bezel, the 36mm was not yet available at the time and it is one that I’m excited to see at Baselworld this year. While the 40mm is an excellent size (and may well be the size I’d choose for my wrist), there are many buyers that would lean towards a smaller model, especially men and women with smaller wrists or a specific preference for vintage sizing. The reddish tone of the bronze and rose gold lends a certain refinement over the usual yellow gold accent seen on two-tone sport watches and the Sixty-Five Bronze Bezel is so limited in its visibility that if it weren’t for the gold accents on the dial, you might miss it all together. The new coloring works perfectly as an accent and, much like the 36mm sizing, adds a distinctive new option to the Divers Sixty-Five line up.