The Luminor Marina has a pretty dressy new addition joining its ranks – one that, at first glance, bears a fairly close resemblance to the watches from the company’s Luminor Due line of slim sport watches. The new Luminor Marina Panerai Goldtech 44mm is definitely one of the more refined takes on the Luminor Marina I’ve seen of late, as evidenced by its satin-brushed dial and its precious metal case

Panerai Goldtech is not entirely new per se, but it is a fairly recent development for Panerai, and its uses so far have included one of the company’s Submersible models, which in itself offers insight into the nature of the material. In keeping with Panerai’s recent efforts to create longer-lasting stuff from which to make watches, Goldtech aims to be a precious metal that is a bit darker and less resistant to fading than your standard 18-karat 5N pink gold.