This watch in a word? Chunky. With a steel one-piece case (no removable caseback), the SLA025 is 44.8mm wide and 15.7mm thick. The case back is profiled to minimize the footprint of the watch against your skin and the result places the majority of the case flank and bezel well above your wrist. While I normally rally for thinner and easier-to-wear sports watches, this isn’t a garden variety SKX007 or a casual weekend beater, it’s a rather faithful recreation of Seiko’s first Hi-Beat diver, the 6159-7001. With a crown at four, a tall bezel, a deep dial, and a date display at three, all of the charming hallmarks of Seiko’s dive watch design language are present. If you like the big wrist presence of a Marinemaster, the SLA025 will be right up your alley.