It’s a standard production watch that’s priced like a standard production watch, but it looks like a limited edition aimed at enthusiasts. In fact, it even was a limited edition just last year, and it was priced at $4,250. Now, of course, there are differences between the SLA033 and the SPB151/153, namely the quality of the movement and assembly alongside Grand Seiko pieces, but I’d bet that the prospective buyers of the former would certainly be prospective buyers of the latter had the SLA033 never been produced. To me, the SPB151 even seems like a more attractive watch size-wise, and spiritually, it’s closer to the 6105 in the sense that this is a mass-produced watch made for the many that relies on its reliability and robustness rather than the idea of it being a limited edition made with a high-grade movement and priced for the few.