So here’s the problem: this is a $9,600 watch. Now, it’s got an in-house, technically forward-looking movement, and some appealing styling, yes. However, the under-$10,000 segment in dive watches is one of the most densely saturated product categories I can think of and consumers are absolutely spoiled for choice. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, a no-date Rolex Submariner on a bracelet – an excellent bracelet, on a watch with an in-house movement and in-house balance spring – is a $7,500 watch. Add a date and the price jumps to $8,550. A high-end Seiko diver, like the Tuna Can SBDX014 Marinemaster, which is 1,000m water resistant and which, while bulky, is cooler looking than James Dean in a leather jacket on a Saturday night, is $3,300 bucks – again, with an in-house automatic movement.