In 2017, Zenith came out with the Defy Lab, which is conceptually related to the Genequand oscillator, but which has a number of unique properties of its own, including a monobloc construction that integrates the balance, balance spring, and lever into a single silicon functional unit. The Defy Lab was produced in a very small series; however, Zenith plans to continue to develop the Defy Lab’s oscillating system. Ulysse Nardin’s new Freak NeXt uses what Ulysse Nardin refers to as a “flying regulator,” which is an annular oscillator, suspended from silicon blade springs, which is impulsed by the Ulysse Nardin Anchor Escapement. The low mass of the oscillator, combined with the absence of friction from balance pivots and the lubrication-free impulse surfaces at the escapement, contribute to the 70 hour power reserve. The construction of the balance is quite complex and very visually striking – there are, Ulysse Nardin says, 32 silicon blade springs, forming 16 triangles in four separate layers, with a frequency of 12 Hz. The fast rate makes this one of the most animated Freaks since 2001.