There’s never any lack of imagination in the watches put out by Urwerk. Every release seems more whimsical than the last, especially when it comes to the brand’s 100-series designs. Heck, the last one timed the launch and landing sequence of the ​​Space Shuttle Enterprise. Today, Urwerk is pushing the 100-series platform even further with a case made of electrum, an alloy made by mixing silver and gold, that features concentric grooving; in a press release, co-founder Martin Frei keys us in on what themes this design is meant to explore: “The case of the UR-100 Electrum is covered with grooves. Everyone can project their own universe into this design. I see the tiers of an ancient Greek theatre, the subtle pleats of an Iris van Herpen dress, a piece of raw earth hollowed out by the imprints of time, the Seigaiha motif of a traditional kimono … this creation is an invitation to embark on a temporal and sensory journey.”