This version of the EMC is most directly based on the Time Hunter edition, which was unveiled earlier this year at SIHH. The case keeps the same 43mm x 51mm x 15.8mm dimensions and the front and back sapphire crystals, but this time the titanium and steel components have a black PVD finish. Most importantly though, the dial has been open-worked to reveal the mechanical portions of the EMC movement. There’s a sort of spider web look to the plates radiating out from the main hand anchor point and up at one o’clock you can see the odd shape of the running seconds disc, which has swooping cut-outs between each five-second marker.

On the left side of the dial is where the monitoring comes into play. At the bottom is a relatively standard power reserve indicator (this gets 80 hours of hand-wound juice, by the way) but at the top is the scale for checking the rate variation and amplitude. You use the crank to charge up the mechanism and then press the button – from there you’ll get a read out to tell you whether or not your watch is running within healthy tolerances. It’s as easy as that.