Besides the modern case, you’ll notice two main things about the Black Hawk: the bold retrograde minute function at the base of the dial and an industrial-looking tri-part minute hand mechanism that doubles as the hour indicator. Each section of the minute-hand mechanism contains a four-sided aluminum satellite featuring 1 of the 12 hour values on each side. At the appropriate hour, the minute hand moves into position at 0m, and the respective hour satellite rotates to the respective hour value within the aluminum cage. At the end of 59m, the minute hand snaps back to its starting point and the next appropriate hour satellite is already in place, ready to begin its path again. Notably, this reset all takes place in less than one tenth of a second.

At 43.8mm wide, the case is not as big as you might think. Compared to its predecessor, the UR-2106 Black Hawk looks stealthier in black – though discretion probably won’t be your top priority when wearing this piece. The Black Hawk is powered by Caliber UR-7.10, a self-winding movement with 39-hour power reserve. The most interesting feature of this movement is the winding component, which contains a novel approach to optimizing power accrual.