While the design of this watch is certainly the selling point – one can’t forget that the caliber 1003 inside is also something of historical importance.  Made entirely of gold, the caliber 1003 is the world’s thinnest mechanical movement at 1.64mm thick – and though it was originally introduced in the 1950s, it is now finished to even higher standards and has a power reserve of 30 hours, despite its miniscule size – really an amazing feat of watchmaking.  The entire watch meets the requirements set forth for the Geneva Seal, of course. 

Vacheron Constantin will also offer a 40 piece limited edition of the 1972 Prestige with a high-contrast silver dial and black strap – available only at select Vacheron boutiques.  The price for this special new watch will be $40,000.   You can read more about the new Paris boutique and the Prestige 1972 right here.

Oh, and us being us, we’ve found an original 1972 watch for sale. It’s
in yellow gold with an aftermarket bracelet, and we certainly can’t
vouch for originality or condition, but always worth a look to see where
the great watches of todaycome from.  Click here for that.