The ref. 57620, in turn, served as the inspiration for complicated wristwatches, and to date, several have been produced which build on some of the innovations it introduced. One of the most interesting is the Celestia Grand Complication, which was the subject of an In-Depth story in 2017 and which is, to date, the most complicated wristwatch Vacheron has ever made. A look at the Celestia instantly makes apparent the connection between it and the Ode To Music; indeed, the latter is, in a way, a chiming version of the Celestia. As with the Ode To Music, the Celestia was made with a view to making a highly complex timepiece, but one which would not sacrifice wearability. The hand-wound caliber 3600 in the Celestia comes in at 36mm x 8.7mm – this, in a watch with, among other things, six mainspring barrels.