Everyone makes a watch with a platinum case, only Vacheron makes a watch with a platinum case, dial, hands, crown, buckle, and STITCHING. Yes, this watch is 100% platinum, and the coolness doesn’t end there.  In fact, this ultra-thin Vacheron uses arguably the most famous automatic movement ever made, at least according to watchnerds like us.  But, let’s start at the beginning.

In 2006, Vacheron Constantin announced a new line of watches dubbed the “Collection Excellence Platine” which are a special series of pieces built entirely out of platinum.  They are typically limited to 150 units in each execution, and while the cases, crown, hands, and buckle are all in platinum, it is the sandblasted platinum dials of these watches that get the most attention.  See that little “PT 950” between 4 and 5 o’clock? That’s the platinum grade, in this case meaning that this alloy is 95% platinum.

And, as we mentioned above, even the buckle and stitching on this watch is platinum.  You might be wondering how stitching can be platinum, and well, so are we, but we’ll take Vacheron’s word for it.