Designed in tribute to the Land Rover Defender, this is the new Zenith Defy 21 Land Rover Edition. Opting for a closed dial and a matte finish for the matching grey case, this new Defy 21 is a limited edition that manages to form a style connection with the tough, stately, and always cool Defender. For those not all that interested in prestige British SUVs, the Defender was produced by Land Rover from 1983 until around 2016 and a brand new model was announced last year and will be on the roads soon. Traditionally the brand’s answer to the likes of the Jeep Wrangler or even the Mercedes G-Wagon, there is a cult following surrounding these handsome and toolish off-roaders. This new Zenith limited edition is meant to connect with the next-gen Defender, which makes sense as the entire Defender concept has been updated, with much of the original agricultural appeal swapped for increased luxury and tech.