Now, I understand why a collaboration partner would want specific, visible co-branding and they’re not wrong to want it, particularly when the collaboration is part of a longer relationship – I don’t know how big this one actually is, but we’re told by Zenith that this watch is the beginning of “an exceptional long-term partnership,” and Zenith’s press release for this watch hints at future products. But, placing the partner’s name so prominently on the dial is necessarily is going to restrict the size of your customer base, which is a shame when the watch in question has so much broad-base potential.

The all-black case and brushed dial are really nice and there are a lot of people who would likely be interested in owning such a watch, especially with a legendary movement like the El Primero inside. But, I can’t imagine someone who doesn’t own a Range Rover taking the plunge with that name right there on the dial, and even then Zenith has to find Range Rover owners who like the idea of advertising the name of their car on the dial of their watch. Both companies’ names appear on the movement’s oscillating weight as well, and that seems a much better place to honor the partnership.