The 1903’s strap, even if it won’t be protecting your wrist from extreme temperatures, really goes well with the ensemble and makes the overall watch appear rather a little bit rock n’ roll. Eric Singer, the Zenith-collecting drummer for KISS, is definitely a fan. Eric’s been a collector of Zenith for decades, has close to a dozen pieces in his collection, and particularly loves the three Pilot watches he owns, including that first 57.5mm beast.

“When they came out with that giant one last year, that one definitely peaked everybody’s interest,” he told HODINKEE. “I mean, as soon as I saw it it was like, ‘Wow, I’ve gotta get this watch! This watch is just too cool!’ It’s not practical to wear because it’s so giant, but it’s just an awesome-looking watch.”

We know the idea of putting on a 57.5mm watch may horrify certain lovers of tastefully conservative proportions, and Singer gets it. “A lot of the time I look at watches like art, you know? Sometimes watches aren’t just about telling time always, sometimes they’re about enjoying the aesthetics of it…which seems crazy to some people that you wouldn’t buy a watch to wear it, because most people think you should wear everything, and I can see their point. But for me, sometimes you can buy it just because you enjoy it.”