The Nautilus dates to ’76. It’s a very sporty watch – very elegant, but at the same time, very modern as well. Ahead of its time, maybe. But very simple. What’s interesting about Patek Philippe is that if you don’t appreciate what goes into the details of Patek Philippe watches, it could be perceived as bland. Some people look at those watches, and they don’t understand what it represents. Their style is not flashy; it’s the opposite. I like the fact that this watch, out of all the ones here, is probably the most subtle. What I try to do is build dishes that are extremely complex. However, when people taste them, they don’t know the difficulties we had to create certain textures or flavors. And in appearance, the dish looks very simple all the time. This is the style we have created. It would be pretentious to say that we are close to Patek Philippe in cooking, but in many ways, I can identify with the brand. We work so much in creating dishes, and they might become signatures or not. Sometimes, people come here and they expect fireworks or pyrotechnics and so on, but this is not what Le Bernardin is about. It’s a certain subtlety about the entire experience, but especially about the dishes we create. I think this is why I relate to Patek Philippe, especially to the Nautilus.