The Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater is 42 mm in diameter, and 14 mm thick; caliber 7R11 runs in 112 jewels, with a three day power reserve. Price is ¥34,650,000, which is right around $300,000 depending on the exchange rate. The Micro-Artist’s studio in Shiojiri, where it is made, is almost comically old-school, by the way. I had a chance to see it in 2009, and it’s in a tiny cubicle hidden in what appears to be a broom closet, under a flight of stairs, in an otherwise forbiddingly high-tech building occupied by Seiko Epson, where Grand Seiko quartz and Spring Drive watches are assembled. (To see the video of our more recent visit, click here.) I was told by my guide that, “we’ve offered them other quarters but they like it here.” Apparently, they’re still there, and still making only two to three repeaters a year. At least for this week, though, you don’t have to go to Japan to hear its wonderful chimes. The Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater is in New York City, at Seiko’s flagship boutique on Madison Avenue, available for viewing, by appointment, September 27th through October 2nd.