Anyway. Rowing Blazers (the book) treated rowing blazers (the clothes) rather earnestly. But then Carlson started Rowing Blazers (the brand) and made a crucial, almost imperceptible shift. Instead of simply reproducing boathouse garments dating back to the 19th century, or even the preppy styles that had been popular on campus sinceTake Ivy in 1965, he took those references and tweaked them. Twisted them. Sold them with a wink. Made them feel like streetwear. In the way that cheeky goth designer Rick Owens dressed his clients for bondage sessions and dungeon discos, Rowing Blazers outfitted men and women for ironic garden parties and drunk golf. Today at Rowing Blazers, you can buy croquet vests, bucket hats, rugby shirts, critter pants, madras jackets, banker bags, boat shoes, pajama sets, and, yes, watches … a collection of vintage pieces curated by guess who.