You’ve followed us on Instagram and Twitter, you’ve seen the teaser, and now it’s time to show you what we were up to all along the #roadtobasel. This will be a multi-part video series documenting Ben and Will’s voyage from Paris, through Burgundy to Geneva, to the Vallée de Joux, back to Geneva, through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Lake Como and Milan, up to Lucerne, and finally on to Basel itself. 

In episode one, we visit the historic maison of one of the world’s greatest watchmakers – Vacheron Constantin. When we told them we were coming, they asked us what we wanted to see. We said, “show us the three watches you are most proud of.” And that’s exactly what we saw that day in Geneva, and what you’ll see here today – three previously unseen, incredibly important, and massively rare complicated watches from Vacheron’s own internal historical department.