There is a final reason I chose these two watches, and it is deeply personal. I actually own both, and discovering each was a major step in my horological journey. Around age 12 or 13, I inherited the Piaget and was not allowed to wear it until I turned 18 – take it as the quirky French version of the drinking age. This was the driving force of my interest for watches. There was also my amazement the first time a watchmaker opened the caseback and revealed the 24k gold micro-rotor with its arching bridge. In the same vein, the Submariner was the first big watch I purchased after a lot of yearning, saving, and day-dreaming (James Bond might be partly responsible here). 

So you can be sure that if I ever had to reduce my collection to just two watches (heaven forbid), these would be the pair remaining. And I would still have a beautiful watch to wear in any circumstance imaginable.