The UR-110 PTH shares dimensions with the other 110s, except for its height, which gains a millimeter. This is thanks to a thicker top plate, which is black coated platinum. As a result the watch wears slightly heavier, but in light of its already generous proportions and adventurous nature, we don’t think it will be an issue to most buyers.

Inside the dial we get a black foundation with blazing red accents. All of the numbers are red, as well as the minute track and satellite structures. The resulting contrast is certainly eye-catching and adds to the already playful nature of the watch. You’d be forgiven for drawing comparisons to a certain sith lord, a parallel Urwerk themselves made.

The UR-110 PTH will be available later this year. You can read more about the UR-110 and Urwerk right here. More pics after the break, including an uncased movement of the standard UR-110.