The UR-110 Passes The “Under The Cuff” Test. It may have even been designed for it.

Additionally, the UR-110 features small seconds, a Day/Night indicator and something we’ve always loved from Urwerk, an oil change indicator, which tells the wearer when it’s time for service. 

The watch is regulated by the fluid dynamics of dual air turbines with the express goal of limiting wear on the unidirectional rotor. 

All in all, the UR-110 is just another insanely cool modern piece of haute horology from one of our favorite brands.  This titanium version will retail for around $80,000 in the US and should be available soon.  For more details on the UR-110 Torpedo from Urwerk, click here.

Below is a live video of the UR-110 as explained by one of the product engineers that worked on it, shot in Geneva, January 2011.