One event that caused a big stir at SIHH this year was Vacheron Constantin’s introduction of a world time watch, the Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time.  It is the first world time wristwatch for Vacheron in the better part of a century, and the all new Vacheron calibre 2460wt, which is patent-pending, of course, took over three years to develop. 

This watch may look like a traditional world time but it is actually one of the most complex in existence.  It goes well beyond tracking the 24 timezones that most of us here is the western world tend to think of, and actually considers the timezones that sit on the half and quarter hour, bringing the total to number of timezones viewable at all times to an astonishing 37.

On top of the that, sitting in the middle of the dial is a sapphire cyrstal shaded on one side – this indicates to the owner in which cities is it day and in which is it night.  

The new Vacheron World Time further distinguishes itself from existing competitors in it ease of use.  Everything on this watch may be operated from the crown, there are no push-buttons involved at all, as is common with “Cottier-style” world time watches.  

The diamter of this watch is 42.5mm and it is currently available only in rose gold.  MSRP in the US will be $39,900.

To fully understand the simple complexity of the new Vacheron World Time, we asked Vacheron Constantin Artisitic Director Christian Selmoni to explain the entire watch to us.  Lucky for you, we brought along a video camera.  

Below is an exclusive video about the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time, as explained by one of the men responsible for its development.  Enjoy!