I sometimes wonder, when we post pictures and articles of watches like this, or this, or even this, whether we are not inadvertently creating the impression that we spend most of our time at Chateau Hodinkee alternating between sippin’ Darjeeling on the veranda with our pinkies out, and upbraiding Manservant Jeeves for being slow with the Pol Roger and caviar at teatime. When you’re heavy into mechanical watches there’s a sort of creeping tendency, over the years, to make the unspoken assumption that all other things being equal, you get what you pay for – which is to say, if it’s not expensive it ain’t much. The fact is, though, that really good design, quality in execution, and even real horological charm, to say nothing of a healthy helping of history, can be had for less than the cost of what my long-suffering spouse and I spend on dry cleaning every week. Behold the worst-kept secret in watchdom: the Seiko 5.