While anything having to do with Seiko and the ’64 Summer Olympics is highly collectable, there’s a singular reference that takes home the gold medal for desirability, and that’s the Seiko 5718-8000 Counter Chrono. The watch stands out thanks to an unusual feature, a two-digit counter at 12 o’clock controlled by two pushers on the left side of the case. The pusher at 10 o’clock advances the counter by a single digit, and the pusher at seven advances the counter by a full ten digits. It’s a unique feature, and it’s the only Seiko, ever, to possess this complication. In an internal Suwa Seikosha company magazine from November 1964 that Kable uncovered, it’s noted that the counter can be used as a calendar. Of course, it tops out at 99. The watch was priced at a whopping 38,000円 (for reference, that was more than a Rolex Submariner at the time) and it was sold at the Olympic Village. On the back, it bears the iconic Olympic torch.