Next, we’ve got two new references in Traditionelle Collection – both new interpretations of the Traditionelle World Time. One is in white gold, and one in pink gold (5N, specifically) and, as with the original, which we wrote about right here, the watches allow you to tell the time in any of the 37 time zones, including those with half or quarter hour offsets from GMT (most world time watches, as you probably know, show only time zones with full hour GMT offsets). The major departure from the original model is the use of engraved maps of the world, versus the colored map used in the original model from 2011. This isn’t the first such treatment of the Traditionelle World Time – it’s the approach Vacheron Constantin used for the Excellence Platine version, in 2014, and like that model, the effect is, if less immediately eye-catching than the original, perhaps more harmonious overall as well. Very handsome additions, we think.