This 1946 Chrono was found during Vacheron’s first ever “live authentication days” in New YorkLast year, Vacheron Constantin debuted an interesting project called “The American Heritage of Vacheron Constantin,” which consisted of an interactive portal and timeline relaying some really incredible stories about Vacheron timepieces in the hands of American collectors.  Like, for example, the watch that was given to President Eisenhower at the Geneva Summit, or President Truman’s Vacheron (there are several more).  We then showed you some of the most iconic pieces from the American Heritage collection here, and in particular, here. 

Well, Vacheron is back this year with an updated American Heritage website with a slicker interface, and more stories to tell.  What is most interesting about these new stories is that several of them actually came the “live” authentication days that took place in May at the Madison Avenue boutique in New York City.  On May 4th and 5th of this year, an expert from Christie’s auction house gave live and free appraisals of any Vacheron watch that came in off the street, and some truly incredible pieces were found, such as the gorgeous yellow gold chronograph seen above.  Could you imagine having this watch in your house, and not knowing how special it is?

Go ahead and click on through to read the story of this beautiful Vacheron and many others, now live on the American Heritage of Vacheron Constantin.  By the way, they are still taking new submissions, too!