Urwerk makes some absolutely awesome stuff, ranging from the game-changing 103, to the Patek inspired CC1 Cobra, to the modern 110 Torpedo.  But, the culmination of all the work done by Urwerk over the last fifteen years went into not a wristwatch, but something of a pocketwatch, or an “uber complication,” as some call it.  The Zeit Device 1001, which we showed you first here, is an enormously complex device that marks the passage of time in seconds, minutes, hours, day/night, date, month, years, 100 years (centuries), all of the way to a monumental 1,000 years (millenia!!).

It’s almost as big as an iPhone and much heavier. It costs more than a Bentley Continental Super Sport, is limited to only eight pieces worldwide, and most importantly, it is absolutely awesome.  Watch above as Urwerk engineer Cyrano Devanthey explains to us this incredible device.  Official details here – click through for more live photos.