Besides the new dials, the most noticeable change is to the design of the chronograph registers. Each register is now designed with a railroad-track-style outer border, with spacings adjusted for each relevant scale (note that the “tracks” are tighter on the 60-second register at 9 o’clock). Each register now features serif Arabic numerals, in what we can assume is a nod to more formal, traditional aesthetics. The tachymeter scale surrounding the dial has been re-designed to include this style of numerals and a complementary typeface for the “TACHYMETER” inscription.

Like the El Primero Original 1969, the date is positioned at a bias, between 4 and 5 o’clock. On this model, however, the aperture has been enlarged to showcase up-sized Arabic numerals. (Though, to be picky, the numerals are oversized relative to the type on the rest of the dial.)