Editors’ Picks Our Favorite 1980s Movie Watches


In a film largely forgotten to time, Eastwood plays rugged and retired U.S. Air Force Major Mitchell Gant, who’s forced back into action to infiltrate the USSR and steal the Soviets’ next-generation thought-controlled Mach-5-capable stealth plane. So good. It’s campy, for sure, but throughout the film (and others from the same era), Eastwood rocks a perfect two-tone 16753 “root beer” Rolex GMT-Master.

There is a moment in the film when Eastwood is tailing a target and glances at his watch on a dark street, the watch shown in all its glory, front and center on the big screen, for only a moment – but the GMT-Master perfectly captures the general ’80s-ness of the whole plot. Plus, it’s hard to argue with Eastwood playing a pilot who prefers an era-ideal pilot’s watch like the GMT-Master.

Rent Firefox for the watch, but stay long enough to watch our boy Clint attempt to dogfight in an experimental warplane that only speaks (thinks, really) in Russian.

– James Stacey


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