Editors’ Picks The Best Everyday Watches Of Baselworld 2018


When I first heard rumors about this watch, my immediate reaction was “No freaking way.” In what world would big brother Rolex allow Tudor to create a smaller, slimmer dive watch with loads of vintage details? In this world, apparently. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight is the closest thing to a vintage Sub you’ll find being made today, and it’s awesome. The 39mm case sits so well on the wrist, and despite originally being skeptical of the gold bezel markings and hands, they give the watch a bit of softness in person that really makes it sing. Even before you take the wallet-friendly price into account, this is one of the overall standout watches of the year for me, no question.

$3,575 (bracelet), $3,250 (strap); tudorwatch.com


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