First Photos The Seiko Presage SPB093 & SPB095 With Arita Porcelain Dials


There are few collections of watches that offer better value across the board than Seiko’s Presage collection. You get beautifully designed watches with solid movements and various extra little touches for generally affordable prices. Back in 2017, Seiko introduced a collection of stainless steel watches that featured fired white enamel dials in a few different configurations. This week we got new versions of two of those watches with Arita porcelain dials, bringing a bit of a different traditional Japanese craft to the wristwatch party. Aside from the new dials and an upgraded movement with a longer power reserve for the time-and-date model, these watches retain all the features we love from the originals. Both come in under $2,000, with the simpler SPB095 running $1,700 and the time, date, and power reserve SPB093 costing $1,900. Here’s a look at what these new introductions are like in the metal.


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