Hands-On The Seiko SRPE27 ‘Monster’ PADI Special Edition


The overall case design is modern, industrial, and a little bit left-of-center. When looking at the case head-on, it can appear as though its missing two large chunks between one o’clock and three o’clock, and then again between eight o’clock and 11 o’clock. This is a design calling card for the Monster in many ways, and it is where the whole teeth motif derives from. Prior iterations of the watch had a brushed steel bezel, which hid this case feature somewhat, but with the blue color of the bezel, it has now been accentuated considerably. I have to say – I like it. It gives the watch an even more purpose-driven, toolish look. It’s the equivalent of substance over style, but in this case, the watch remains pretty stylish. The “missing chunks” make manipulating the bezel far easier, which would seem like the kind of feature a professional diving association would welcome on a watch bearing its name. As an added bonus, the cases feature drilled lug-holes, which are always a welcome addition. 


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