Hands-On The Surprisingly Great Looking (In Person) Seiko Credor Fugaku Tourbillon


The Credor Fugaku Tourbillon created a lot of buzz, but also some of the skepticism that can follow a very high end complication (though for many purists, the tourbillon isn’t a complication at all, but a regulating device) from Seiko. This seemed sharpened for many by the somewhat garish appearance the watch had in press images: peacock blue (or so it seemed) decorative accents warring for attention with gold and other brilliant colors, and a riot of decorative flourishes that seemed about as un-Seiko as you can get. In person, however, the effect is very different – this is still a lavishly decorated watch, of course, with maki-e lacquer work by Iishu Tamura, engraving by Kyoshi Terui, a bezel set with sapphires, inlaid mother-of-pearl, and an elaborately stylized design based on nothing less than the beloved Great Wave Off Kanagawa, by the master known as Hokusai. But the precision of the work, and the oddly balanced feel of the overall composition, work in person in a way that isn’t entirely clear from the press images.


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