Hands-On Three Seiko 55th Anniversary Dive Watches


The trouble with limited edition watches is that they often celebrate something incredibly esoteric and only significant to a select few. Seiko’s 55th anniversary trilogy is not one of those limited editions. Instead, it celebrates over half a century of innovation in dive watches. Many of us in the hobby found our way in through a Seiko diver, and that’s no accident. When it comes to democratic, innovative, and honest watchmaking, Seiko is at the top. Many of their dive watches specifically exemplify that notion. Think of Seiko’s limited edition trilogy release as a wearable history lesson in the long (and continuing) arc of how the Seiko dive watch has risen to become an icon. It’s a crash course in Seiko’s historical relationship with the ocean, exploration, and technical innovation. 

Of course, these are not standard production models, and they’re certainly not spec’d or priced that way either. This is Seiko using the 55th anniversary of its dive watch as an opportunity to create something that doesn’t need to follow standard rules of scheduled production. Robust and accessible dive watches have long been a mainstay in Seiko’s line up, and it’s important to note the original examples that inspired this trilogy were exactly that. But with this trio, it seems like Seiko revisited the watches with this question: If we could max out the specs of these models, what would it look like? You’re looking at the result.


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