Introducing Seiko Presage Prestige Line Enamel Dial Spring Drive


The inclusion of Spring Drive movements in the Presage Prestige line seems to be a fairly clear indication that moving forward, we’ll see Spring Drive increasingly used across most, if not all, of Seiko’s collections; Spring Drive has been used in the Galante, Credor, and of course Grand Seiko collections already, as well as appearing in main-collection Seiko watches (sometimes with a moonphase complication). From a design standpoint, these are even more classic than is usually the case for Presage – generally, Presage watches have had curved lugs that flow into the case, but the straight lugs on these enamel Spring Drive Presage watches give them a very mid-century flavor, and the dial and hands will remind Seiko enthusiasts very much of the first Hattori Seikosha Laurel watch, which was a wristwatch produced in 1913 (and which also had an enamel dial).


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