Introducing The New Seiko 5 Sports Watches


Back to the delineation of the product line I mentioned earlier. The new Seiko 5 line-up is broken down into 5 categories: Sports, Suits, Specialist, Street, and Sense. Each category represents a different thematic approach to the Singular Seiko 5 model. The Sports line will be quite familiar to longtime fans of the brand. Each model can be traced back to another popular watch from Seiko’s history. It’s a neat game to play. The SRPD57K1 features the same gilt and black motif that recently came back in style with the SRP775, and even that is a hat tip to the 6215, Seiko’s 300m diver from 1968. The 6215 was reincarnated as the Marine Master, nicknamed the “MM300” (SBDX017). The Marine Master was produced in a limited edition that featured a forest green dial, the SLA019J1, and that same shade of green can now be found on the Seiko 5 SRPD63K1. It’s fun to connect all the dots. Spend some time on the line-up page and you’ll get deja-vu. And that’s because you have seen most of these designs already if you’ve been following Seiko divers since the mid-2000s. A lot of those models have gone out of production or have been folded up into the slightly-more-upscale Prospex line, so this is a great way to reconnect with all the popular divers that can’t be bought new anymore. 


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