Steal Vs. Splurge GMTs From Seiko And Grand Seiko


Why It’s Affordable: It’s no Spring Drive, from either a technological or aesthetic standpoint. With the Spring Drive watches we’ll be looking at in a moment, you get a very nicely finished movement that operates on a proprietary technology that no company outside of the Seiko family has. Moreover, with the Sharp Edged GMT, the bezel is steel with ion plating. In the Grand Seiko watches we’ll see later, they’re colorful ceramic.

There is lots of value here. Seiko makes the light-reflecting hands and indexes using a process that is similar to that employed by Grand Seiko. Molded and pressed to form their shape, they’re then sharply faceted with a diamond-cut technique. However, the way that technique is applied is different from Grand Seiko – for example, the number of faceted sides on the indexes.


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