Watch Stuff You Loved To Fight Over In 2015


This one, folks, was our April Fool’s Day post from last year and it was, I thought at the time (I wasn’t with HODINKEE yet) both pretty damned funny and also a good litmus test for who did and did not know it was April Fool’s Day. Many of you got the joke; but a surprising number actually thought it was an actual watch, with actual ants, that you could actually buy (and then presumably watch them slowly expire in their little prison). Just in case anyone is wondering I just walked across the office and confirmed with none other than Benjamin Clymer himself that the watch in fact never existed. A surprisingly large number of people apparently didn’t think it was funny, even as a joke in which no actual ants were harmed.  

And apparently, you still think being mean to the beasts of the field (and, we presume, the fish of the sea and the birds of the air) is in very poor taste, and in at least one very conspicuous recent case, we have to say, we’re with you on this one.

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