Challenged on whether the push further into retail had the potential to compromise the editorial integrity of Hodinkee

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One of Hodinkee’s earliest commercial forays occurred in 2017, when it sold a specially designed $45,000 Vacheron Constantin watch. It sold out in a half hour.

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IWC has become the latest watchmaker to collaborate with Hodinkee on a limited edition.

The Hodinkee showroom will be open to the public, and will be accessed from a street-level elevator.

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Hodinkee, the popular watch news and lifestyle site, is now an authorized retailer of some prestigious watch brands.

During that time, the site, started by timepiece guru Ben Clymer after a stint in consulting and a return to grad school, has grown to become perhaps the most highly regarded resource for information on new and vintage watches.

Clymer has become something of a watch-world celebrity, and Hodinkee itself has grown to a staff of 25, with an infusion of investment in 2015 led by Digg cofounder Kevin Rose, who took over as Hodinkee CEO for a few years before going into venture capital in the Bay Area.

“I started Hodinkee out of a pure love of watches and the act of storytelling, we’ve grown up quite a bit,” Clymer wrote in November.

Back in the CEO’s seat, Clymer made something of an unexpected leap into territory Hodinkee had explored but not fully committed to.

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The new Hodinkee Shop features a carefully curated selection of timepieces.

The one step further is Hodinkee actually selling new watches, as opposed to just Hodinkee-branded horological accessories, straps, and vintage timepieces.

The Hodinkee Store is streamlining choices and eliminating the intimidation. Buy a watch there, and you join a very pleasant and supportive club that’s small yet passionate. In the end, the web’s favorite watch resource is trying to restore something that the advent of e-commerce has deprived enthusiasts of: a tasteful purchase.

The shop will offer a suite of services to go along with the purchase. Eneuri Acosta, Hodinkee’s COO who joined recently after working for Cadillac, said that this would include a digital record of the watch’s documentation, a valuable extra these days when buyers want to see a timepiece’s papers to ensure its provenance.

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“Over the years, I have seen the positive effect Hodinkee has had on the watch industry, opening it up to new demographics and creating a more democratic outlet to learn and discuss watches,”

Let’s say you want a Rolex or an Omega, neither of which is partnered with Hodinkee. You might go for a Grand Seiko or Nomos simply because it has the Hodinkee seal of approval alongside a well-crafted narrative about what makes the watch worthy.


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Hodinkee, Ben Clymer’s site dedicated to nice watches and really, really nice watches, has been selling watch straps designed to complement vintage timepieces for almost four years. But today, the site takes a big leap forward by actually selling the vintage watches they so often feature, too.

 Head on over to today to find not only a redesigned landing page, but a selection of covetable watches—including a 1950s LeCoultre chronograph that will set you back $7,450, and a 1970s Rolex Daytona that’s up for $43,500. 

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Online watch publication Hodinkee has appointed Russell Kelly (pictured) to be its first chief commercial officer, as it expands its retail store.

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Hodinkee was founded in 2008 by former banker Benjamin Clymer out of “pure boredom.” In 2015

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it merged with another watch site, Watchville, received $3.6 million in funding, and appointed former Digg cofounder Kevin Rose to head the new combined entity

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 the Hodinkee Shop became an authorized dealer for eight premium watch brands.

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